Philosophy of the company

In order to preserve our livelihoods, the environmental compatibility of products, processes, buildings and transport will become the essential criterion for social life in the future. Following nature's example, a clean, intact environment can only be achieved through a circular economy without residual waste and through high energy efficiency of components. Regenerable and renewable energy sources are of particular importance here. Nuclear and coal-fired power generation are not sustainable.

Our staff are specialised and use their expertise in an interdisciplinary, cooperative and friendly atmosphere. Our health and the fun of the projects are just as important to us as sporting and musical activities and relaxation during the breaks. Our working hours are flexible, we prefer non-smokers.

With our interlocking range of services, we see ourselves as an organism in a growing energy and environmental market. We design energy-efficient and ecological technical systems, supply clean energy with decentralised technology, conduct research in the field of energy technology and produce micro-energy systems for families. Our services complement each other, are provided using existing joint forces and structures, are interdependent and, taken as a whole, form a complex system with which we can offer the customer a tailor-made solution. Our cross-sectoral awareness and knowledge leads to a quality of service that satisfies our customers in the long term.

The needs of the customers are a variable variable to which our services and products are constantly adapted.

In recent years, our technical planning has focused strongly on residential construction. In addition, we have integrated some engineers into our own development projects and have specialised in the planning of educational and research facilities with their special requirements. For the energetic evaluation of technical installations and for saving energy and heating costs, we prepare expert opinions.

Our decentralised energy supply systems, which we operate in various cities, were initially pure heat supply solutions with the inclusion of condensing boiler technology. Today, for environmental reasons and for a more economical supply, we partly integrate CHP units into existing and new systems. In the future, we will also operate plants with vegetable oil and bioethanol in addition to wood-fired systems and natural gas.

In the areas of planning services and research and development, we complement our range of services through cooperation with friendly companies and research institutions. Research and development in the field of innovative energy technologies has become increasingly important in recent years with numerous patents and various patent applications. Our goal is to develop and market these inventions. In doing so, we strive for licensing as well as our own production.

We cooperate with various research institutions. These include TU Berlin, TU Dresden, BTU Cottbus, ILK Dresden, Steinbeis Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentren GmbH, Stirling Technologie Institut Potsdam gGmbH, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), GFZ Potsdam and INNOVENT e.V. Technologieentwicklung Jena. For the smart home, we produce and develop a Smart Energy Office (SEO) and modern chip card-controlled prepayment systems. Small systems for single-family homes that generate environmentally friendly energy using renewable fuels or solar energy are the focus of our developments.

As a registered training company, we enable apprentices, trainees and graduands to perform services from our company spectrum within the scope of project work. Our goal is to integrate the trained employees into the ENERLYT team.

We prefer to buy products and services that we need ourselves from local companies in order to achieve regional added value, make the best use of services and avoid transport costs.


Support & Promotion

We have been involved in the social sector for years. Regionally, we support the Potsdamer Tafel e. V., which distributes donated food to needy people in our society. In addition, we promote environmental protection and nature conservation, which has become the guiding principle of our corporate philosophy, by donating to the Greenpeace association.