Expert reports, energy concepts and approval

In the past years, we have prepared about 500 expert reports, of which about 150 have been explained and defended in court. Our clientele includes courts, city administrations, district offices, public utilities, housing associations, ecclesiastical institutions, utilities and industrial companies as well as tradesmen and private individuals.

The main topics in which expert reports were prepared are as follows:

Measurement technology/Analyses

Within the scope of the preparation of an expert report, the use of complex measurement technology is often necessary for an in-depth analysis. The following technology is available to us in-house for this purpose:

Gutachten und Energiekonzepte Thermografik


For advice, please contact Dr.-Ing. Andreas Gimsa.
Dr.-Ing. Andreas Gimsa is a publicly appointed and sworn expert (IHK) for:

He is also a BAFA energy consultant for small and medium-sized enterprises and a DENA energy efficiency expert for energy-efficient construction and renovation.
Dr.-Ing. Andreas Gimsa can carry out energy audits in accordance with § 8 EDL-G.

Andreas Gimsa

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Gimsa


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