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The Smart Energy Office (SEO) is an innovative energy management system. It is used by customers who attach importance to permanent control of their plant technology and who want to have an overview of their energy consumption and the costs and revenues incurred. Customers are supported in saving energy and costs.

Plant operators are enabled to monitor their plant from anywhere in the world via the Internet. The Smart Energy Office consists of the two modules “Plant Monitoringˮ and “Meter management systemˮ.

Plant monitoring

This module enables remote monitoring of an energy center. Sensors check whether the plant is in operation. Failures are registered immediately. The technician is informed about the malfunction via SMS even before the tenants notice the failure of the plant.

Schema zum SEO-Anlagenmonitoring

The technician now has the option of connecting to the SEO system online. There he can view the system diagram of the energy centre. Running energy generators are shown in the form of an animation. Uniform symbolism helps him to quickly familiarise himself with any SEO scheme.

Faults in the installations are displayed to him. Clicking on the displayed symbols opens a detailed display with the corresponding data so that measures can be taken to recommission the system.

If the efficiency of a system deteriorates, the causes can be found quickly. The operating values can be optimised by intervening in the system technology.

Meter management system

With the meter management system, all meter data of the building is recorded, evaluated and made available via a uniform interface. Consumptions can be visualised with the costs, generated energy quantities with the yields in the form of daily, monthly or annual diagrams.

The diagrams are presented to the customer in the form of bar, line or pie charts. Output in tabular form is also possible. With the help of the basic elements, the user can determine whether he wants to display the pure consumption, the CO₂ emissions or the consumption/m².

Schema des SEO-Zählermanagementsystems

Energy saving targets can be set in the meter management system. The annual target is then displayed as a red line in the bar charts. If the self-defined targets are exceeded, the user receives a notice. Tips for saving energy have been collected and made available for download.  

If an energy centre is monitored with the SEO system, the utilisation levels of the system components can be determined and calculated.

The meter management system provides more transparency and fundamentally raises awareness of energy consumption and the costs incurred. The utilisation level of the plant can be controlled and improved in this way.

Functional diagram


System description (Download)

For more information about the Smart Energy Office, please refer to the system description.



  • The Smart Energy Office (SEO)
  • Registration
  • Plant monitoring
  • Meter management system
  • Hazard alarm system (on customer request)
  • Hardware
  • Security concept
  • Modification of the system
  • Data export
  • Functional diagram

The meter management system provides more transparency and essentially raises awareness of energy consumption and the costs incurred. The utilisation level of the plant can be controlled and improved in this way.


You can find more information about the Smart Energy Office in the Video.


The ENERLYTOR ‒ a card-controlled prepayment system developed in-house ‒ has been successfully marketed since 2002. It can be used for consumption media such as drinking water, electricity, natural gas or heat and can also be integrated into complex building management systems. The user has cost control and can take advantage of price fluctuations; the utilities have the opportunity to minimise their outstanding debts.

Structure and function

Vorkassesystem Wasser

The ENERLYTOR consists of a compact control unit, a drive (e.g. ball valve with M-Bus for drinking water) and an M-Bus-capable meter. The patented solution is controlled via chip cards with the credit that the customer has purchased, e.g. for drinking water.

The prepayment system installed in the house connection system contains a chip card reader in the control unit, which is connected to the media meter via an electronic bus system (M-Bus). The withdrawal is automatically controlled according to the value units billed.

If the credit balance or the credit is used up, the drive is closed and thus the withdrawal of the consumption medium is stopped. If this time falls on a Sunday or public holiday, the blocking does not take place until the following working day.

The ENERLYTOR runs on battery power for about six years. An external power supply is not required.

Information (Download)

For a technical overview, please download the brief information in the various media flyers. There you will find information on the components of the system as well as on the possible installation variants. You can find out how the transfer works in the document “Handling the credit cardsˮ. You will need Acrobat Reader to view the files.

To download the file, please right-click on the link and select “Save target as ... ˮ.


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